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Welcome! When you come to UTPB, we want you to remember one thing- if you are willing to dedicate yourself and put in the hard work required, we will do everything we can to help you meet your goals. We hope you will use our services regularly to help plan around many potential challenges on the road to graduation, and when there is a problem be sure to contact us as soon as possible!

We have a dedicated team committed to helping you choose the right courses, do well in those courses, and find a job as soon as you are ready. Visit with our people and let us know how we can help!

Our People

  • Dr. William Harlow, Dean of Undergraduate Success
  • Angelica Leyva, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  • Vickie Gomez, Retention Officer
  • Tony Love, Director of Career Services
  • Jasmine Tambunga, Director of the Success Center
  • JP Garcia, Assistant Director of the Success Center
  • Leticia Madrid, Director of the PASS Office
  • Marina Villalobos, Administrative Assistant to Leticia Madrid
  • Kellye Manning, Coordinator of Developmental Education
  • Trisha Pumphrey, Developmental Math Instructor
  • Dr. John Indiatsi, Coordinator of Academic Advising
  • Lona Carter, Administrative Assistant for Academic Advising

Our Offices

  • Dean's Office - Dr. Harlow's office is located in MB 2218. This is right across the hallway from the Success Center. 
  • Retention Office - The Retention Office is responsible for administering academic probation, academic dismissal, and the Early Alert system. Please use one of our other programs first!
  • Success Center - The Success Center is designed as one-stop shopping for help with your current classes. There are several kinds of help available in this office, including tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction, AVID, and the first year experience course.
  • Career Services - When you finish your degree, we want to work with you to find the best professional opportunities available. Study Abroad is also located in Career Services. Stop in as early as possible during your program of study for helpful guidance about preparing for that career!
  • Honors Program- We want to teach to the particular needs of high-performing students and help you realize your full potential.
  • First Year Seminar - Is a course that is required of all first-time, full-time, degree seeking students. Students whose college credits were earned while they were enrolled in high school, as well as, students with no previous college hours are considered to be first-time students.
  • PASS - The PASS Office conducts two major functions on campus- provision of accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and access to student testing. Testing includes make-up exams as permitted by the instructor, low-distraction testing environments, and a wide range of standardized tests.
  • Academic Advising - We want to make sure you select the nest courses to complete your chosen degree as quickly as possible. We also look forward to visiting with you about which degree is the best choice for your needs and interests!