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Welcome! Our goal in the UTPB Academic Advising Center is to help you select the best classes and program of study to graduate in 4 years ready to meet your personal and professional goals. UTPB follows what we call a 2+2 advising plan. That means that normally a student will work with our office for the first two years of his or her time at UTPB. He or she will then be assigned a faculty adviser in their major to complete the last two years of coursework.

When a student selects a major and is registering for classes for the junior year, a faculty advisor in the major field is assigned to the student by the Academic Advising Center.  The student receives this information in a letter, and it is then the student's responsibility to contact the major advisor to schedule a meeting.  At that meeting, please confirm your degree plan with your faculty adviser.  This degree plan will detail the courses a student will need to complete in order to earn a degree.  The plan includes a list of the General Education required courses and the courses required by the major.  The major advisor will also discuss the student's minor and will list the courses required for the minor on the degree plan.

Students should meet with their faculty advisors at least once during each semester.  At that meeting the advisor will update the student's degree plan and discuss the courses the student should take during the subsequent semester.  In this way, the student can complete his or her degree in a timely and efficient manner.

Prospective high school and community college students are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Center for assistance in planning high school and lower division transfer programs or to learn more information about specific major programs and career opportunities. We are also available online and with our community college partners to serve you better.

Midland College advising hours: A U.T. Permian Basin Academic Advising Staff Member meets with students on the Midland College Campus every Monday from 10:00AM- 1:00PM in the Marie Hall Academic Building.

Odessa College advising hours: A U.T. Permian Basin Academic Advising Staff Member meets with students on the Odessa College Campus every Tuesday  from 11:00AM-1:00PM in the Transfer Center on the Second floor of the Wrangler Express Center. 

Social Media: UTPB Advising is on Facebook, and you can find us on Twitter at @UTPBAdvising.

Call 552-2661 for an appointment.