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Outreach Programs

The Career Center would be happy to speak to your classes or organizations on career-related topics. We are willing to create a presentation targeted to your specific needs, or you can request an existing topic, such as:

  • Career Exploration Center Services
  • Choosing a Major/Career
  • Administration of a Career Test
  • Career Opportunities for _______ Majors
  • Internships: Strategies to Success
  • Creating Résumé/Cover Letters for Internships

If you would like a Career Center representative to speak to your class or organization, please call 552-2633 and ask for Tony Love..

Referring A Student to Our Office

Often, you may be aware of students who are unsure of their major or career goals. We encourage you to refer those students to the Career Center. Email or call 552-2633.

Faculty Contacts

Would you like to directly help students by answering their questions about your department and associated careers?

This program is designed to enhance the student-faculty connection and to assist students who are researching various majors and/or careers. We are seeking faculty members who are willing to meet occasionally with students and talk to them about their academic discipline and the careers associated with it. Participating faculty should fill out an information form and this data is entered into the Faculty Contacts database in our office. It is not posted on the Internet. Students may then email a faculty member or phone members to set up a short informational meeting.