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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Insurance Policies

Note:  This website is currently under construction.  Until future notice, we are asking that all faculty or staff trip leads follow these insurance guidelines before embarking upon any study abroad excursions.

After conferring with UT-System risk management personnel, we have been advised to require all study abroad travelers to purchase UT System insurance and register on ISOS.  By registering on ISOS, and posting your itinerary and insurance information, your travelers will be afforded a guaranteed treatment source in the case of medical emergency or evacuation.  ISOS is not insurance, however it is a valuable tool to help quickly guarantee and mitigate a situation where immediate treatment is desired.  I would suggest that you purchase the insurance first and then register on ISOS.

After registering for ISOS, each traveler can print out a travel card, which will have a phone number that each traveler can call upon emergency.  Travelers confirming reservations through a UT System contract travel Agency (Anthony Travel or Corporate Travel Partners) are automatically registered; travelers confirming reservations through a other sources must enter trip information in MyTrips (formerly known as Personal Travel Locator) using the link below.  You may also elect to complete an  Emergency Record*   to store and access vital health, contact and vaccination information; the Emergency Record*  is strongly encouraged but not required.  The url address is

Students/faculty staff using ISOS will need to use the UT-System log in code 11BSGC000037 at the top right hand corner to start the process (this is free to UTPB student/staff/faculty).  If you have travelers who are participating, but are NOT affiliated with the university, they can contact ISOS directly and use their services with a 20% discount.

The UT System insurance enrollment forms can be found at  Your non-university travelers can also purchase the insurance. You’ll need to click on the “enrollment form” hyperlink, print out the form and fax it to 817-809-4701.  The cost is less than $10 per week.  Please note that the System will be adopting a blanket policy format n the spring of 2015, however, until that time, we have been advised to follow these steps.