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Welcome to the Fall Semester!

Interested in improving your reading and writing skills?  NCBO Writing is a non-course based option primarily designed for freshman and sophomore students who would like assistance with these two crucial skills.  Contact Tammy Patni at for further information.


Cool News Worth Noting

Students who were TSI-liable had a pre-semester option to take an intensive NCBO Boot Camp in math, reading, or writing.  A nearly 30% pass rate in math, a 100% pass rate in reading, and an almost 90% pass rate in writing means we are able to welcome those students into freshman level credit bearing courses this fall.  Well done, participants!


Fall NCBO Writing is a non-course based option for students who need extra support in reading or writing. It is scheduled according to instructor/student availability and consists of no fewer than 10 hours of directed guidance. Call 432-552-3302 or email for further information or to arrange a schedule. 

This option is encouraged for students whose TSI results were close to the cut score for developmental course coursework in reading or composition.  

Students who feel they need a little extra support due to an extended absence from formal schooling may find this opportunity particularly helpful.

Math NCBOs are also on the course schedule and may be elected during the enrollment process.

There is no fee for the non-course based offerings; however, students should anticipate purchasing access codes to online skills platforms.

Contact Information 

Kellye Manning
Coordinator for Developmental Education

U T Permian Basin 
4901 E. University Boulevard 
MB 1160 
Odessa, Texas 79762