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UNIV 1101, the First Year Seminar, is a course that is required of all first-time, full-time, degree seeking students. Students whose college credits were earned while they were enrolled in high school, as well as, students with no previous college hours are considered to be first-time students.

This course is developed as an extended orientation to the UTPB campus, the culture of academia, as well as study skills development. As an AVID infused course, students will learn strategies for classroom success such as Cornell Notes, critical Reading, and time management. Students also have the benefit of learning insight from an instructor that is in their major field of study.

One of the exciting things we try to do in freshman seminar is connect students to a group who shares their same interests. Many of our sections are organized as FIGS-- freshman interest groups-- so you can start working with faculty and fellow students who share a similar professional or extracurricular interest. For Fall 2014, the following types of UNIV 1101 sections are available:

  • AVID courses are designed to give students a strong general overview of UTPB and how to be successful in university level work.
  • Career Exploration is offered by Tony Love, Director of the UTPB Career Center. This course is a great option for students who are still considering what major and career path they should follow.
  • Petroleum Engineering is designed for those students who intend to pursue a major in this field.
  • The Social Sciences FIG taught by Dr. Jeff Dennis is for those students who are considering a major in Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and related fields.
  • Health Professions is for those considering a career in medicine. Join the UTPB tradition of excellence in placing students in medical school!
  • Mechanical Engineering is designed for students who intend to pursue a major in this field.
  • The Business FIG is for those students considering a career in marketing, management, and related career fields.
  • Pre-Nursing helps students explore and prepare for the possibility of a career in nursing.
  • Student Leadership is taught by Teresa Sewell, the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Services. Come see the opportunities to be involved in student government and student affairs!
  • STEM is for students considering a career in science, technology, engineering, math, and related fields. It is a great choice if you are still trying to decide exactly what to focus on or if you are interested in a related FIG that happens at a bad time.
  • The Education FIG is for those considering a career as teachers.
  • First Generation College Students can receive help, guidance, and a safe place to ask any questions they have in their own FIG.
  • Honors is a 3 hour course numbered UNIV 1301 and is for students who have been contacted about and are interested in the UTPB Honors Program.

 It's too bad you only get to select one! For questions on which section of UNIV 1101 is best for you, please email Jasmine Tambunga, First Year Seminar Coordinator. A listing of which classes are offered at what times is located at available with the list of all Fall 2014 courses.