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Welcome to the Honors Program at UTPB


Entrance Requirements:

  • Minimum 3.5 High School GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • 1100 SAT or 24 ACT
  • We also recognize that high school GPAs and standardized tests will not measure each student's academic capabilities and talents.  Therefore, a student who does not meet the initial requirements may submit and application to the Honors Program, and must submit as well, two letters of recommendation from former teachers.
  • Automatic admission to the Honors Program will be granted to any student who:
    • is a National Merit Scholar
    • is a Hispanic Merit Scholar
    • had earned an International Baccalaureate degree


The Program


Joining our University Honors Program will provide you with several unique opportunities that will enhance your academic experience.  You will have the chance to interact with highly motivated faculty, staff, and students who will in turn assist you with your educational and professional goals. 

 Provided you register as an University Honors Program Student, and successfully complete the following three-course sequence: UNIV 1301, UNIV 1302, and UNIV 2301, you will be given credit for the following three general education courses, respectively:  (1) Language, Philosophy, and Culture; (2) Creative Arts; and, (3) Government/Political Science.  In addition, Honors students enrolled in UNIV 1301 are not required to take the Freshmen Seminar course (UNIV 1101).  Let me stress that the three courses listed above are not additional courses that would add to the total number of classes you would have to take.  As general education courses, you would be required to take these anyway.  The Honors Program allows you to take these classes in a unique and challenging environment.  Class sizes are limited, so please respond soon.

If you are interested in participating in this special program, please contact either me, or Erin Nance, the UTPB Undergraduate Advisor.


Dr. Robert L. Perry,                                                                             Ms. Erin Nance

Director, University Honors Program                                                 Undergraduate Advisor
(432) 552-2343                                                                                  (432) 552-2664