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UTPB's AVID trained tutors are located in the Success Center, Mesa Building room 2215.

The Success Center tutors are excited to help you with any questions you have about your coursework. The tutors use a Socratic method approach in their sessions. This allows students to expand their understanding and application of a subject area and not simply hear the information again. 

The sign of a good tutoring session means you find yourself relying on a tutor less and less. In other words, our Success Center focuses on empowering students. It is our job to make sure you not simply understand the material, but that you can show your instructor that you can master the material! 

Walk in sessions are available with Writing and STEM tutors. Scheduled and standing appointments are available with writing tutors only.

See below for a comprehensive listing of all Success Center tutors, as well as courses that are supported by each tutor for the Fall of 2015.



Tutoring Coordinator
Name:  J.P. Garcia
Office: Success Center- MB 2215I
Phone: 432.552.3351


Jay Adidi

Specialty: Writing

Courses Supported:

Writing Composition courses, History 1301 & History 1302

Hometown: Houston, TX


Laura Aguirre

Specialty: Math, Science

Courses Supported:

All Biology courses, Developmental Math, College Algebra,

Calculus I & II, Chemistry I, II, Organic, and Analytical

Hometown: Odessa, TX


Jodelle Dixon

Specialty: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Courses Supported:

Biology I & II, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology,
Intro. to Athletic Training

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario, Canada


Isaac Flores

Specialty: Math, Physics, Engineering

Courses Supported:

All Math up to Calculus II, Physics I

Hometown: Scottsbluff, Nebraska



Maria Finol Leon

Specialty: Math, Science, Engineering

Courses Supported:

All Math up to Differential Equations, Physics I & II,

Thermodynamics, General Chemistry I & II, Nuclear Physics,

Engineering Statics, all Spanish

Hometown: Maracaibo, Venezuela


Phillip Nelson

Specialty: Math

Courses Supported:

All Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus III

Hometown: Odessa, TX


John Wiebe

Specialty: Math, Science, Communication

Courses Supported:

General Chemistry I, Physics I & II, Algebra, Calculus I & II,

Engineering Statics

Hometown: Lamesa, TX