The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Development Office

 We Are Excellence

Welcome to the Development Office at UTPB. Our office works to support the University's many instructional, research and public service programs through successful fundraising, communications and alumni activities. UTPB and its academic programs rely on the generous support of alumni, friends, corporate partners, and foundations to help us meet the needs of our growing student population and campus.

The past eight years have seen dramatic growth for UTPB. Today, our student body boasts residents from 133 Texas counties, 36 states and 20 foreign countries. THe University has three buildings under construction, The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center located at the CEED campus, a science and technology complex, and a state of the art student multi-purpose center located on the main campus.

UTPB has been recognized by national magazines for excellence, good value, and the best record in the state for graduates obtaining jobs in their field or professional/graduate school admissions. Four professional accreditations give the School of Business, the Teacher Education Programs, the Social Work Program, and the Visual Art Programs national recognition.

Scholarships are always a top priority at UTPB.  We are committed making a college education accessible and affordable for any qualified student.  Many types of scholarship opportunities exist for UTPB students.  Please consider scholarship support when you make your gift to UTPB.

UTPB is a leader for education and plays a key role in the future prosperity and quality of life of the Permian Basin. Partnering with UTPB is an important investment in your community. Please join us as we chart a course of excellence for the Permian Basin and West Texas.

There are many ways to give. If you are interested in supporting the University we are here to help you make the choice that best matches your goals and interests with the needs of UTPB. For more information please call us at (432) 552-2800.