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 Change a Life ... Establish a Scholarship


Scholarship support is a number one priority at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. More than two-thirds of our students must have financial assistance in order to attend the University. The University serves a significant number of first-generation college students, which means a turning point for many families when they graduate. Many of these students help their younger siblings to earn their degrees after they have entered the workforce.

There are three basic types of scholarships at UTPB:

  •  Endowed Presidential Scholarship
  •  Endowed Scholarship
  •  Named Annual Scholarship


This is the highest scholarship awarded at the University. It is awarded to first-semester freshmen, and takes them through all four years, provided that they maintain the grade point average stated below. This is a perpetual scholarship, since the principal is never touched - only the interest is distributed.

This scholarship enables the University to recruit the “best and brightest” students from across the area.

Minimum endowment amount: $40,000


This is also a perpetual scholarship, since the principal amount is never touched, only the interest is distributed to student(s).

Minimum endowment amount: $10,000


The principal amount is distributed in this type of scholarship. The donor designates the amount (in the scholarship agreement) that is to be awarded to the student(s) each semester. When the total amount has been distributed, the scholarship ceases to exist.

May be established for as little as $100

General Scholarship Information

Donors may choose the name of the scholarship they are funding. Many scholarships bear the name of the donor(s) and some individuals choose to name them for parents or other family members.

 Any reference to gender, creed, or ethnicity may not be used in scholarship agreements:

For more information about establishing a scholarship at UT Permian Basin please call the Development Office at (432) 552-2800.