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Course Description:
Turkish 101 is an introductory course to modern Turkish. In this course, basic conversational skills are introduced, which include greetings, asking well-being and basic knowledge of adjectives, classroom discourse, days of the week, interrogative pronouns who, what, which as well as expressing there is/isn’t, there are/aren’t are covered. Students will develop elementary level language skills.
Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  •  Engage in short exchanges of greeting and asking well-being.
  •  Ask and talk about physical characteristics of people and objects using adjectives.
  •  Understand classroom discourse including classroom objects and verbs commonly used in the classroom.
  •  Develop basic grammatical forms of simple present predicate, interrogatives and negation.
  •  Understand several aspects of Turkish culture.
Course Policy:
  • Students are expected to attend every session in a prepared manner as language development requires continuous dedication.
  • The use of electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops are not allowed in the class. Electronic dictionaries may be used.
  •  If you miss a class (although strongly discouraged), please learn if you have missed any handouts or materials and if so, obtain them from your instructor. 
Course Materials:
  •  Açılım Türkçe Ders Kitabı 1 by Dilset Publishing, İstanbul, 2010
  •  Açılım Türkçe Çalışma Kitabı 1 by Dilset Publishing, İstanbul, 2010
Course Schedule:
Week 1
  • Introductions and syllabus
  • Why Turkish?
    • Greeting people in different times of the day
    • Leaving, saying goodbye
    • Introducing each other
Week 2
    • Introducing someone to someone else
    • Personal pronouns
    • Possessive adjectives
  • Alphabet
  • Kültür Köşesi
Week 3
    • How are you?
    • Emotions
    • Verb TO BE (am, is are)
    • Büyük Sesli Uyumu (major vowel harmony in Turkish grammar)
Week 4
    • Buffer /y/
    • Numbers
    • Ordinal numbers
    • Days of the week
    • Course titles
Week 5
  • Sınıf dili (Verbs commonly used in the classroom)
    • Demonstrative Adjectives
    • Animate and inanimate things
    • Plural nouns
Week 6
    • Verb TO BE negative and question
    • Classroom objects/subjects
    • Question suffix
    • Imperative (using sınıf dili)
  • Kültür köşesi
Final Exam Week
-          Conversation Partner
Please consult with your instructor or TSA contact in charge of the Turkish language classes for a conversation partner. Conversation partner will provide additional and valuable contribution to your language acquisition. It will provide genuine conversation opportunities with a language focus. This will be provided only to the ones who wish to have one.
-          Picnic
In order increase listening and speaking skills of learners, and provide an opportunity to learn Turkish culture, picnic will be organized.
-          Turkish Family Dinner
In order to increase students’ listening and speaking abilities while learning the Turkish culture.


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