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Freshman Applicants (0 - 23 semester hours)


Electronic Application - ApplyTexas Website 

You should complete a freshman application if you are a high school student with no previous college attendance, or if you have taken or are taking college courses while still in high school. You should also complete a freshman application if you have enrolled for college classes after graduating from high school but have not yet completed 23 semester hours of college-level work or if you enrolled but withdrew from the college before earning any credit.

Freshman Requirements (Please scroll down to view all requirements)

An entering freshman student is identified as a student that has:

  1. Never completed any college work
  2. Has never attended another college after graduating from high school (during fall or spring term)
  3. And/or earned college work while attending high school as a result of either advanced placement credit (AP) or concurrent or early admission enrollment.

A transfer freshman is one who has enrolled (fall or spring term) in a college or university after graduating from high school and either withdrew before completing any hours or has completed 23 or fewer semester hours.

Freshmen Admission applicants must meet the high school unit requirements & class standing and test score standards as shown below:


HS Graduation Class Rank
Entrance Exam Requirement
Top 10% No Minimum Score
11-25% 950/19
2nd Quarter 1000/20
3rd Quarter 1150/24
4th Quarter 1250/27







*It is recommended that students submit exam scores in order to qualify for scholarships which may base award on class rank and exam scores. No minimum score required but students must submit scores.

** SAT Total score comprised of Critical Reading (CR) and Math (M)

RECOMMENDED HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM - Texas students completing the Recommended or Distinguished High School program or hold the International Baccalaureate Diploma meet the high school unit requirement unconditionally.

The following are recommended units for all other students:

  1. English Language Arts (I, II, III, and IV) - 4 credits
  2. Mathematics (Alg I, Geom., Alg II & Advanced Levels)- 4 credits
  3. Science (Biol, Chem, Physics and Advanced Levels) - 4 credits
  4. Social Studies - 3 1/2 credits
  5. Economics - 1/2 credit
  6. Physical Education - 1 1/2 credits
  7. Health Education - 1/2 credit
  8. Fine Arts - 1 credit
  9. Languages other than English - 2 to 3 credits
  10. Speech (Communications Applications) - 1/2 credit
  11. Technology Application - 1 credit
  12. Electives - 3 1/2 credit

NOTE:  Individual Reviews take place for any student who does not meet the stated class rank and SAT/ACT or high school graduation plan to determine if the student is still eligible for admission.  A portion of each freshman class will include students who have been admitted under this review process.  So if the academic credentials are close to the stated requirements, please consider applying and give us a chance to review your application.

The following documents are required:

  • Completed application form & residency questionnaire by completing the electronic application.
  • Official High School transcript showing grade average, class rank, or APPROXIMATE class rank and date of or expected date of graduation
  • SAT or ACT exam scores
  • If you are not sure about the admission requirements go to Freshmen Admission Requirements for additional information.
  • Application deadlines

Prior to enrollment students must show:

  • Proof of having met high school graduation requirements.
  • Proof of having complied with TSI requirement (TSI-Assessment, THEA/TASP, Etc.)
  • Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination or qualified exemption