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$10,000 Bachelor of Science Degree

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is proud to offer a $10,000 Bachelor of Science degree to qualified students seeking to study on a full-time basis.  Eligible disciplines include:

This opportunity is available for outstanding physical science and mathematics students in Texas.  They will receive a high quality degree at a cost of only $10,000 in tuition and fees for the four-year curriculum.

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions about the Texas Science Scholars Program.

Cost Comparison

The table below demonstrates the cost comparison of the $10,000 Texas Science Scholar to the regular in-state tuition and fee estimates. (* based on 30 semester credit hours)

  Per Semester Per Academic Year
Regular In-State Tuition and Fees $3165.55 $6331.10*
Texas Science Scholar   $2500*


Student Qualifications Check-list

General Student Qualifications

  • Must be a Texas resident
  • Must be admitted unconditionally to the University with a major in
  • Must minor in one of the above science disciplines (or Biology), if a minor is required by the degree plan.  InfoSys majors are required to minor in general business.
  • Must apply for admission by going to
  • Go to /admissions/apply-now! and select "Freshman Student Applicant" to learn about unconditional admission to UTPB.
  • Must be unconditionally admitted, complete all placement exams, and register for first semester by August 1.

Freshmen Students

  • Submit official high school transcripts.
  • Submit SAT scores (College Board Code: 0448) or ACT scores (ACT Code: 4225).
  • Submit TAKS scores (if available).
  • Must be eligible to take Pre-calculus (MATH 2412 or its equivalent).
  • Must be eligible to take General Chemistry (CHEM 1311-1111) during first year at the University, if applicable.
  • Must not be placed in any developmental coursework.

Transfer Students

  • Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended.
  • Must have completed Pre-calculus (MATH 2412 or its equivalent).
  • Check that coursework integrates into the chosen degree plan to be on track to graduate with a four year degree.
  • Must have a 3.0 overall cumulative G.P.A. 

How to Apply

To apply for the Texas Science Scholar you must complete the following:

Complete these steps as soon as possible.  There is limited space available.

Once You Are Admitted

Once you have been admitted as a Texas Science Scholar:

  • Meet with a UTPB Texas Science Scholar advisor and determine a degree plan for a major in Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Information Systems or Math with a minor in one of these programs or Biology. 
    • Advisor : Linda Ward- 432-552-2223 - - Office: ST 1226B
  • Complete 30 course hours per academic year (Fall / Spring / Summer) with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better with all courses meeting degree requirements as outlined in the degree plan
  • Pay $2500 at the beginning of the academic year.  This covers tuition and fees for 30 hours of coursework in the current academic year.  Payment plans will be available.
  • Check with the Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify for non-UTPB financial aid, such as the Texas Grant, Federal Pell Grants, or privately funded scholarships.  You must have previously completed the Federal Application for Student Aid.
  • Fill out the Student Housing application, and plan your stay in Student Housing.  Texas Science Scholars must live in UTPB housing unless they have a proper exemption
  • If you have a smartphone, download the UTPB Mobile App to see what's happening on campus, and get involved!

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