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One of the most widespread diseases among our society today is diabetes.  It can be passed on genetically or developed over time if unhealthy habits develop.  Diabetes can lead to more serious health effects which can have a lifelong impact.  There are ways to treat and fight diabetes and these methods and more can be found at the resource links provided below.  Early detection is the key to preventing more health complications in the future.  If you or someone you know has diabetes please utilize the resources or seek a physicians assistance on how to live with diabetes.  

There is an ongoing attempt to finding a cure all types of diabetes.  Currently there are three main types of diabetes that are medically recognized and treated.  They are Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.  There are various other types of diabetes that are treated and a complete list of the know types can found by visiting the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse.  

Also be sure and visit the links listed below to gain insight on how to prevent the development of diabetes and healthy tips to love by for those who live with diabetes.