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A growing concern has risen amongst those that treat and diagnose individuals with anorexia.  Anorexia is a very serious and dangerous condition but it can be even more dangerous when alcohol is also consumed.  Obviously an individual that is anorexic is starving themselves and when that person chooses to drink alcohol on an empty stomach more problems can develop.  Those that have this problem may also be obsessed with counting calories and may even trade drinks for food.  This leaves an individual at a higher risk for alcohol poisoning and other health complications.  There is little research done on this topic but it is growing more and more of a health concern.  

Typically "drunk anorexics" are college aged women that starve themselves during the day just so they can partake in partying and binge drinking later that evening.  Alcohol dependence can develop with this behavior which can prove to be deadly if not treated.  Anorexia can lead to many health complications such as severe dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion, heart failure and even death.  Mixing alcohol will only highten the side effects and possible health risks.  

The best way to treat this type of disorder is prevention.  Early detection and education can help a person deal properly with eating disorders and substance abuse.  Below are some links to resources that touch on the subject of "drunk anorexia".  Educate yourself to point out warning signs in a loved one or in yourself and then utilize resources to properly act accordingly.