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At UTPB we are fortunate to have our very own police department, University Police.  The first response to anything suspicious or emergency would be to get in contact with the police.  You may have seen the units patrolling or controlling traffic during campus events.  You have at some point came in contact with the University Police whether it's regarding a parking ticket or parking permits and student id's.  The campus police has an extremely vital role here on campus, SAFETY.  Above all we want our students, visitors, faculty and staff to have a positive and safe experience while on the UTPB campus. 

One of the greatest roles you can play while on campus is to be AWARE.  By aware we mean to become familiar with the campus and be on alert for any suspicious activity and/or individuals.  Get to know where the blue towers are located on campus.  The blue towers are the exactly that, blue towers that are located throughout the UTPB campus that can be used an emergency response tool.  There are several located on campus parking lots including campus housing.  Also be sure to visit the University Police website for more information on campus safety and what to do in case of an emergency.

For information on campus policies, rules and regulations please visit the Dean of Students web page for more information.