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The three-story gymnasium building provides the U.T.P.B. community with excellent recreational and athletic opportunities. The gym also serves as a multi-purpose venue on our campus, housing events such as registration, commencement, lectures, concerts, testing, and conferences.

Recreational facilities in the gym include :

Lower gym; 2 basketball or volleyball courts; Upper gym - a wood floor; 1 basketball or volleyball court; Racquetball courts - 3 located on the second floor; Aerobic/Dance room - wood floor, mirrors, dance bars; Weight Room; Locker rooms

  • Recreation Office (Located Next to Weight Room) -towel/equipment issue, locker and membership sales, check-in station

Gym view    Gym view

Gym view

Recreational facilities on-campus include:

  • Tennis Courts -4 lighted courts are located a short distance from the gym;
  • Soccer Field - Parking and restrooms located adjacent to field. Field is reserved for athletics, intramurals, and class use.  Located west of GAB
  • Hike/Bike/Blade Trails -We have almost 5 miles of hiking, biking, and blading trails.  Click here for a map of the trails.
  • Swimming Pool -The Largest Outdoor Heated Pool in Odessa is open after spring break through the end of October. Summer swim memberships are available for the general public and UTPB affiliated individuals.

Hours of Operation

Fall and Spring Semesters:
Gymnasium Complex  
Monday-Thursday 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm -7:00 pm

Summer Semester:
Gymnasium Complex  
Monday-Friday: 10am- 7pm 
Saturday & Sunday: 1pm - 7pm 


Eligible Users and Fees

A copy of Gymnasium Guidelines for Use is available at the Gym Store which contains the following information:

  1. Eligibility for Use Currently enrolled U.T.P.B. students may use the facility by showing a valid U.T.P.B. identification card upon entrance.
  2. Faculty and Staff may use the gym by purchasing a Gym Membership. 
  3. Alumni who can show proof of current U.T.P.B. Alumni Association Membership may purchase a Gym Membership
  4. Immediate family members of 1, 2, or 3, over the age of sixteen, may purchase a Gym Membership.
  5. General Public memberships may be purchased by anyone over the age of 16.

Procedures for Use

Upon entrance to the facility, all persons must present proper identification to the Gym Staff and sign-in at the Gym Store. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


There are general locker rooms as well a faculty/staff locker rooms located on the ground floor of the gym. Lockers can be rented for $10.00 per semester of $25.00 per year. Personal locks are not permitted and will be removed. Lockers that are not renewed will be cleaned out and the contents will be held for one 30 days.

Membership Fees

All membership fees will be paid in Accounting by cash, check, or credit card.  All forms are located in the Gym Complex.  Once paid in Accounting, the receipt must be brought to the Gym Complex to show proof of purchase and to process membership card.
  • Currently enrolled student  No additional fee
  • Faculty/Staff   $50.00/semester or $150/year*
  • Current Alumni Assoc Member  $50.00/semester
  • Immediate Family Member of student, faculty, staff, alumni  $50.00/semester
  • General Public Individual  $75.00/Semester, $75.00/Summer

Individuals purchasing memberships must realize that the gym is a multi-use facility for the campus. Events such as commencement, registration, lectures, conferences, programs will cause the operational schedule to be altered. Schedule changes will be posted with as much advance notice as possible.

The gym is not open during campus holidays. Reduced hours will occur between semesters.

Rules for Use

In order to maintain a facility that is safe and clean, it is important that all users follow these rules:

  1. Street shoes or athletic shoes that mark the floors are not permitted in the gyms or on the courts. Metal cleats are not permitted in the building.
  2. No food or drinks, other than nonbreakable water bottles, are permitted in the gyms, courts, or weight room.
  3. Only those age 16 or older are permitted in the weight room.
  4. Use of profanity, fighting, harassment could result in suspension of gym privileges for the day, semester, year, or indefinitely.
  5. No alcohol or tobacco products are permitted in the facility.
  6. Towels must be returned to the Gym Store daily.
  7. Failure to check-in and show proper identification upon request could result in a charge Theft of Service.
  8. The batting cage is reserved for class and athletic use.
  9. Do not drop or throw weights. Return all weights to storage racks after use.
  10. The Gym Staff will monitor any music played in the weight room.

Health and Safety

While precautions are taken to insure the health and safety of recreational facility users, accidents and injuries do occur. Please report any accident or injury to the gym staff immediately. Individuals must assume the cost of any medical treatment.
Loss of Recreational Privileges

In order for the gymnasium and other recreational facilities to be safe and pleasant for everyone, it is important that these guidelines for use be followed by all users. If a group or individual chooses not to follow these rules, then disciplinary action will be taken. That group or individual may lose facility privileges for a period of time specified by the Facility Director.