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 Individual, Group, and Psychological Services

We offer individual, couple and/or group counseling to UTPB members.  There is no charge for students, faculty, staff, and immediate family.  However, there is a modest charge for members of the community for counseling and/or assessments.

  • Individual:  Discuss self, relationships, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that may be of concern. All communication with a counselor is confidential. (Except as required by Texas law, i.e. extreme situations where there is danger of death, abuse of a minor or elder, or judicial court order.)
  • Groups:  Students with common concerns may meet with a counselor in a safe place to discuss significant personal issues such as sexual abuse, integrating school and family and work, depression, anxiety, sexuality, eating disorders, anger management,self-esteem/identity, etc.
  • Couples and Family:  Improve interactions with significant others, spouses and other relationship and communication issues. 

Emergency Services

Walk-ins are welcome depending on clinicians' schedules/availability. It is best to call first--we can tell you times if a counselor is available, or when s/he will be.  If your (or another's) situation is urgent, let us know, and we will make every effort to accommodate an emergency session as soon as possible.

If you have psychological emergency after office hours, call the campus police at (432) 552-2911. They will find a counselor to speak with you.

 Consultation Services

The Center counselors provide mental health consultation to any faculty, staff or students with concerns/questions about themselves or a third party.

We can also refer to community resources for specialized needs or requests that are outside the scope of our services or availability.

 Psychological Assessments

Areas of assessment include personality, attention-deficit, aptitude/career, or disability. The Counseling Center can provide testing for ADA accommodations, ADHD diagnosis and support, and other learning and study problems. (There is a charge for community members.)  If you feel that you may have a disability, first register with the PASS office to learn what options may be available, and what documentation may be needed to obtain accommodations.

 Educational Programs

  • Workshops & Speakers:  By request, the Center will offer workshops to provide information and guidance on dealing with prevalent issues for university students or other personnel. Such topics have included topics like drug and alcohol use and abuse, stress management, test anxiety, self esteem, dealing with death, healthy grieving, etc.

        Contact Us

Call the University Counseling Center at:  (432) 552-2365.
(If no one answers, leave a message, and we will call you back when a counselor is free.)

All Counseling Center staff abide by the American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of

Psychologists and Code of Conduct as applies to all clinical services, including

counseling, consultation, testing, supervision and research.