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1.6 Sanctions

The following sanctions may be assessed by the Dean or by the Hearing Officer after a hearing in accordance with the procedures specified immediately above:

1.61 Admonition.

1.62 Warning probation.

1.63 Disciplinary probation.

1.64 Withholding of grades, official transcript, and/or degree.

1.65 Bar against readmission.

1.67 Restitution or reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of  university or U. T. System property.

1.68 Deferred suspension.

1.69 Suspension of rights and privileges, including participation in athletic or extracurricular activities.

1.610 Failing grade for an examination or assignment or for a course and/or cancellation of all or any portion of prior course credit.

1.611 Denial of degree.

1.612 Suspension from the university for a specified period of time.

1.613 Expulsion (permanent separation from the university).

1.614 Revocation of degree and withdrawal of diploma.

1.615 Other sanction as deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

 1.651 If a student is found responsible for the illegal use, possession, and/or sale of a drug or narcotic on campus, the recommended sanction shall be suspension from the university for a specified period of time and/or suspension of rights and privileges.