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1. "My child is sick but I am not there. Is there any medical assistance available?"

Yes, we have two forms of medical assistance. Students are able to go to the West Texas Wellness Clinic for an office visit with a $15 co-pay. We also have a separate program that offers students the Student Health Insurance Plan.

2. "My child does not have a car. Is there any kind of transportation available?"

UTPB offers transportation so students can go to different locations of our campus. For more information click here.

For transportation outside the campus limits, there are two transportation services: the EZ Rider and the EZ-Express.

3. "Being away from home means no more home cooked meals. How will my child eat?"

UTPB offers Meal Plans for each semester. Freshmen living on campus are required to purchase Plan A or Plan B.

4. "How safe is the UTPB campus?"

The University Police is available for your child and patrols the campus 24/7. UTPB will send out Falcon Alerts via cellphone, email and social media. Falcon Alerts are test messages that will alert students if there is an emergency.

5. "Are there any activities that my child and I can participate in?"

UTPB has many events. Each semester we have a Parent Day. We also have Falcon Formation that encourages Falcon families to attend this event. A good way to find out about events happening on campus is through our social media. UTPB has a Facebook page for the university and a specific one just for UTPB Parents. They are both updated with information about the University and student life. Another way to find out more about our university is through our App. Find it in your App Store.