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Q: Is there any medical assistance available?"

A: Yes, we have two forms of medical assistance. Students are able to go to the West Texas Wellness Clinic for an office visit with a $15 co-pay or have a separate program that offers students the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Q: Is there public transportation available?"

A: UTPB offers transportation so students can go to different locations of our campus. For more information click here.

For transportation outside the campus limits, there are two transportation services: the EZ Rider and the EZ-Express.

Q: Is there food service on campus?"

A: UTPB offers Meal Plans for each semester. Freshmen living on campus are required to purchase Plan A or Plan B.

Q: "How safe is the UTPB campus?"

A: The University Police is available for your child and patrols the campus 24/7. UTPB will send out Falcon Alerts via cellphone, email and social media. Falcon Alerts are test messages that will alert students if there is an emergency.

Q: "Are there any activities that my child and I can participate in?"

 A: A good way to find out about events happening on campus is through our social media. UTPB has a Facebook page for the university and a specific one just for UTPB Parents. Another way to find out more about our university is through our App. Find it in your App Store.