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Q.  What is the Title IV code for UTPB?

A. 009930

Q. Which FAFSA should I complete?

A.  Fall, Spring, and Summer are all part of the same award year at UTPB.  So for example, if you were trying to get aid for Summer 2013, you would need to complete a 2012-2013 FAFSA.  Fall 2013 would begin the 2013-2014 award year so you would need to do the 2013-2014 FAFSA. 

Q.  What is the deadline for completing the FAFSA?

A.  The priority deadline for the FAFSA is July 15 for fall, November 15 for spring, and March 15 for summer.  All students who have a completed FAFSA in (including any verification paperwork) by the deadline will have their financial aid ready for the first day of class.  All students who do not have their FAFSA's completed by this date may have to pay for their classes using their own resources and then be reimbursed by their financial aid once it is awarded.

Q.  How often do I have to complete a FAFSA?

A.  You have to complete a FAFSA every award year.

Q.  My parents do not support me at all, do I have to put them on my FAFSA?

A.  Yes, you do.  In general if you are under the age of 24, are not a veteran, and do not have any dependents that you can claim on your income taxes (spouse or children) then you are considered to be a dependent student.  All dependent students must supply the FAFSA with information on their parents.  

In some circumstances you may be able to have your dependency changed, but this is only in the most extreme cases.  If you believe that you are not capable of providing parent information, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid.  

 Q.    I filled out my FAFSA a month ago. Why haven't I received an award letter yet?

A.    Reasons for delayed award letters could include:

  • There may be additional documents that are needed to make your file complete. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to find out if your file may still be incomplete.
  • If you have moved recently, ask a financial aid representative to update your address.
  • Did you include U. T. Permian Basin's school code on your FAFSA? Contact the Office of Financial Aid to make sure your results were received. UTPB's Title IV Code is 009930.

Q.    Who determines how much financial aid I can get?

 A.    The U.S. Department of Education uses the information you provide on the FAFSA to determine your financial need for the school year.  They use information on your FAFSA to determine how much you and your family should be able to contribute (called your EFC). 

Q.    What could cause my award(s) to be reduced or eliminated?

 A.    Your award(s) could be reduced or eliminated if:

  • You do not register for at least 12 hours as an Undergraduate or at least 9 hours as a Graduate.
  • Your grade level changes.
  • You receive any additional assistance from other sources (i.e. TRC, WTA, High School, Community Organizations, Title VII, etc.)
  • You do not complete all required documents prior to disbursement.
  • You early register for less than 12 hours and attempt to add hours after the first day of classes.
  • You drop classes or withdraw from the university. This could change your award for the next semester if you have already received financial aid. 

Q.    How many hours do I have to take to receive financial aid?

    A.    Pell Grant is disbursed to you based on your enrollment status.  Depending on your Cost of Attendance Budget (COA) and Expected Family Contribution (EFC), you may be eligible for Pell Grant while enrolled in as little as 3 hours. 

Loans require 6 hours of enrollment.

Generally most scholarships require full time enrollment (12 or more hours).

Q.    Does dropping classes affect my financial aid?

A.    Yes, in some cases. For instance, if you fail to complete 75% of all credit hours attempted at UTPB, you could face Financial Aid Suspension. Click   on Satisfactory Academic Progress on the navigation bar to the left. Dropping classes could also reduce the amount of your awards if not in the current semester then possibly in the subsequent semester.

Q.    If I withdraw from the university, do I have to pay back any of my financial aid?

A.    Yes, in some cases the student may be required to repay financial aid funds to UTPB. See the regulations in the UTPB catalog.

Q.    How will my financial aid be disbursed? 

A.    Any assistance you have been awarded will be applied to what you owe the University. Any residual funds (funds remaining after you have paid the University) will be disbursed to you. Click on disbursement dates on the navigation bar to the left to see disbursement dates. When your residual funds are ready, they will be disbursed by mail through the Office of Accounting.

Q.    How long does it take to get a Loan?

A.    Approximately 7-10 working days after the student has completed the Master Promissory Note and the Entrance counseling. The student must also be registered for classes (at least six (6) hours).

Q.    How can I get my books if my financial aid funds are not in yet?

A.    U. T. Permian Basin allows book voucher charges if the student is receiving Pell Grants, Scholarships or Stafford Loans. If you cannot purchase the books yourself, you can apply for a Book Loan voucher through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The amount used on either of these vouchers will then be added to your bill in the Office of Accounting.  The Office of Student Financial aid does not handle any agency book vouchers including Tx. Rehab, WIA, VA-Chapter 31 etc. These types of vouchers must be processed directly through the bookstore.

Q.    How can I pay my tuition and fees if my financial aid has not come in yet?

A.    If you cannot pay your tuition and fees yourself, before the deadline, you can set up a payment plan in the office of Accounting.

Q.    What type of aid can graduate students get?

A.    There are very few grants or gift aid for graduate students. The majority of graduate students will only be eligible for loans. Graduate eligibility for loans is determined by completing the FAFSA. You may inquire about a possible Graduat scholarship in the office of Graduate Studies.

Q.    Do I ever have to pay back any of my federal aid? 

A.    Yes, in some cases. For example, you may be responsible for returning Federal funds to the U.S. Department of Education if you:

  • Drop any hours.
  • Withdraw from UTPB
  • Fail to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of additional funds you receive from other sources.

Q.    How do I apply for scholarships?

 A.    You can complete the General Scholarship Application for Financial Aid.

Q.    What if the information I am required to provide on my FAFSA does not reflect my present financial situation?

A.    You can submit a Special Circumstance form to the Office of Financial Aid.  This form, if approved can update your FAFSA to reflect your current or expected financial situation for the upcoming school year. 

 Q.    If I am transferring to U. T. Permian Basin from another school, how do I transfer my financial aid? 

 A.    Financial aid does not transfer from one school to another. You must reapply for aid at U. T. Permian Basin. Contact U. T. Permian Basin's Office of Student Financial Aid and obtain the school's code (009930) and any other required applications. Then you will need to contact the Processing Center for the FAFSA (1-800-4-FED-AID) and let them know that you would like to add U. T. Permian Basin's school code to your application. The Processing Center will then send the results of your FAFSA to U. T. Permian Basin. You should also contact your previous school's financial aid office and let them know you are no longer one of their students. See the Application Process section of this website for more information about applying for financial aid at U. T. Permian Basin.

Q.    What does "Verification" mean?

 A.    If your Student Aid Report (SAR) states that you have been selected in a process called verification, you are required to turn in additional documents to the Office of Financial Aid before your award letter can be processed. The Office of Financial Aid will use these documents to verify the information you provided on your FAFSA. If your SAR says you have been selected, contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately to avoid further delays.

Q.    How do I find out if I qualify for the Federal Work Study Program?

    A.    You must first fill out the FAFSA  and a Work Study Student Employment Application. The results will determine your eligibility. You must also be registered for at least 6 credit hours at the time of your employment.