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New Student Orientation

The Office of Student Life and our Orientation Leaders welcome you to

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin!


We hope you are as excited as we are about the start of this new and important phase of your life. The college experience is one that you will remember and cherish for years to come. The orientation process is the first step towards becoming a full-fledged FALCON.

The Office of Student Life and the New Student Orientation (NSO) Team coordinate programs designed to facilitate your transition into UTPB. During orientation you will learn about the policies and procedures that regulate the University, receive information about the services and organizations available to you as a student, and gain valuable information about your academic area. You will also meet with an academic advisor and register for your classes.

Remember, our dedicated team of staff and students are here to help you and your family during this important time. Please feel free to call us at 432-552-3653 or 432-552-2653 with any questions you may have about orientation or any other part of the registration process. 

Again, welcome to the UTPB family and we look forward to seeing you at orientation!

Start here and continue reading to the bottom of the page!

Important information regarding Orientation is covered in this text.


Welcome to Summer 2014 Orientation Registration!

Please carefully read through the information listed below before registering for your orientation session.

First, determine which orientation session you would like to register for. The dates of each session are as follows:

  • July 17-18

  • August 7-8

  • August 18-19 [Please note.  Housing is not available for the overnight stay during this session!]

  • August 19 - Transfer Orientation (for transfer students with 30+ hours)


Length of Orientation

The New Student Orientation program lasts two days. Students must attend all segments, should plan to arrive early on Thursday morning (between 9 and 10:30), and plan to leave campus at around 5:00 pm on the second day (Friday).

The Parent / Guest Orientation Program is held concurrently on the 2nd day of the Student Orientation, but is the same as the student session on the 1st day.  Parents should also plan to arrive early on Thursday morning and should not plan to leave before 5:00 pm on the first day, or by 5:00pm on the second day if they are traveling with their student. (Please scroll down for more information regarding the Parent / Guest Orientation Program.)


What to Expect

Orientation is an exciting time. There is a lot to accomplish in a very short period of time. Think of it as a snapshot of what you’ll experience as a student. Below are a few helpful hints to make your orientation experience enjoyable.

Weather : Think hot, hot, hot! West Texas in June, July, and August is hot! Keep this in mind when packing for your trip.
Speaking of packing … Are you asking yourself, “What should I pack for my orientation session?” We’re glad you asked. Below is a list of some items you will want to remember to pack while here.

What to Pack : (Please leave electronic items and other valuables at home. Please be advised that we will not be responsible for any items that may go missing during your orientation session).

  • Comfortable clothes / shoes – you will be doing A LOT OF WALKING!
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunblock
  • Pillow
  • Long twin sheets & blanket or sleeping bag
  • Towel, washcloth, toiletries, etc.
  • Valid driver’s license or other form of picture ID to have your UTPB ID made
  • Copies of your test scores (if available)
  • Make sure you know your UTPB Student ID (which is part of your acceptance letter from UTPB)

Terrain : While our campus is located on VERY flat land, it is continually growing and expanding. Be prepared for Walking, Walking and (you guessed it) more Walking!

Days & Nights : Early mornings and late evenings are all too common during orientation. Please be prepared to stay up late and wake up early while at orientation.

Be prepared for a full day of events every day that you’re here. Orientation is serious business but don’t worry, we’ll do our best to make sure you have fun too!


Testing Information

To register for courses at UTPB, a student has additional requirements that are not conditions of admission to UTPB. The following steps will assure a smooth transition into our scholastic community.

  1. Check your Texas Success Initiative (TSI) status.Your ACT, SAT, or TAKS scores may “exempt” you from TSI. If you are not TSI exempt (meaning you are liable in math, reading, and/or writing) you may take the ACCUPLACER during New Student Orientation. Be advised you are allotted a five hour period to complete the ACCUPLACER. There is a $30.00 fee (cash only) due at the time of the test. If you would like to take this test prior to Orientation you may do so at any Texas Public College or University. If the ACCUPLACER is not available, any one of the following tests is acceptable:  ASSET, COMPASS, or THEA. Be sure to have your scores sent to UTPB’s Admissions Office and bring a copy of your scores to Orientation.   If you need assistance determining your TSI status, the Academic Advising Center can help you (432-552-2661 or ).

    The ACCUPLACER Test Resources for review as well as practice problems are available online. Some websites that our office found useful are:
  2. Placement.
Students will be informed of placement for math, writing and reading via email and at Orientation. Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Pre-Nursing, etc.) or Engineering majors will be required to take the Chemistry diagnostic prior to enrolling in a Chemistry course. Students will have the opportunity to take the Chemistry Diagnostic during Orientation.
MATH: determined by you SAT/ACT and class rank in High School
WRITING: determined by the DSP survey, however this is not applicable if you are TSI liable. More information of this can be found on this site: DSP (Must be taken before Orientation.)

Chemistry Diagnostic Resources:


Orientation Housing for Students

Due to the extremely tight schedule, all students attending Orientation are encouraged to stay in the UTPB Student Housing during their session. This is to ensure that students are not late arriving to any of the scheduled activities. It also will give students a chance to get an idea about what it’s like to live in UTPB Student Housing. Local students are also encouraged to stay in Student Housing during Orientation. Please make sure to request a room in UTPB Student Housing during your registration (which you will get to at the bottom of this page).

If staying in Student Housing during your Orientation Session, please remember to pack twin size sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, and towel, along with any of your personal items.


Parent / Guest Orientation Program

Parents / Guardians are encouraged to attend Orientation with their students. A Parent / Guest Program will be held concurrently with the student program; however the family program is separate from the student program. The Parent/Guest Orientation program includes a series of presentations designed to acquaint the family and / or relatives of an incoming student with the campus and its resources. The session will provide an opportunity to familiarize parents / guardians with the services that are available to their student. It will also provide insight into the kinds of adjustments students and their families will face during their transition to college life. Please be advised that guests of students attending the orientation session will have to pay $30.00/per person for meals and materials, to be paid after your orientation registration or at check-in on Thursday morning.

There is a limit of 2 guests for each student attending orientation.
Please continue reading and continue to your registration link, found on the bottom of this page.

Please Note: No housing is provided for parents/guests during the orientation session.

Also Note, students attending the August 18-19 session will not be able to stay on campus!

You might be asking yourself where guests of students can stay during the student’s orientation session. We thought you would be. Below are a couple of hotels within a short distance of the UTPB campus that we have blocked off rooms for your convenience. 

  • You will need to ask for the "UTPB New Student Orientation" block and will need to reserve your rooms, at least, 1 week prior to your arrival.
  • MCM Grande Hotel and Fun - $99/night [Website:]
    • COMPLIMENTARY Full Hot Breakfast Buffet including eggs made to order every morning
    • COMPLIMENTARY Beverages served in the lounge from 5:30pm-7pm every day of the week
    • “World’s Best” Simmons Beauty Rest 12 in. Pillow-Top Individual Coil mattresses
    • New Flat-Panel Televisions with in-room Movies
    • Wireless High Speed Internet access throughout the property
    • On-site Secure Truck Parking
    • Refrigerators and Microwaves in every room
    • The FUNDOME; an indoor activity area that includes area that includes a miniature golf area, an indoor/outdoor pool, table tennis, whirlpool and sauna.
    • A Fitness Center featuring Precor Equipment


    Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Information

    Effective October 1, 2013, all new students and those who are returning after a one semester absence and under the age of 22 will be required to show evidence that they have received the bacterial meningitis vaccination or eligible for an exemption prior to enrolling.  The vaccination dose or booster must be during the five-year period preceding and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class or prior to moving into on-campus housing (whichever is applicable).  Students taking online courses only (no on-campus based courses) are not required to have the vaccination. Send evidence of the vaccination or qualified exemption to UTPB Admissions, 4901 E University Blvd, Odessa, TX  79762. For more information about the immunization requirements and exclusions, please refer to the Texas Department of Health Services, Immunization Branch (MC 1946), PO Box 149347, Austin, TX 78714-9347.  Exemption information based on Medical reasons or for reasons of conscience can be found at "College Vaccine Requirements".


    Disability Services

    Orientation participants requiring accommodations for disabilities should contact the PASS Office at (432) 552-2630, two weeks prior to your session. Please include any special assistance or dietary needs on your registration, as well.


    Congratulations, you made it this far! You may NOW proceed to the registration form. If you would prefer for one of us to register you for your orientation session, or for any questions you may have encountered while on your registration journey, please feel free to call us at (432) 552-2654 or (432) 552-3653. We would be happy to help you out, or find someone who can.

    Please click here for the STUDENT Registration Form

    Please click here for the PARENT / GUARDIAN / GUEST Registration Form

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