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The Student Union Advisory Board is committed to the operation of the Student Union for the specific purpose of enhancing the experience for the diverse population of students. The Student Union Advisory Board will invest in the well-being of the UTPB students and prepare them to be socially responsible leaders and productive individuals.


Student Union Advisory Board (S. U. A. B.)

  • Penney Nichols, Chairman, ex-officio
  • Veronica Mateus (Graduate Student)
  • Giselle Loya (Undergraduate Student)
  • Thor Prosise (Undergraduate Student)
  • Davorian Marion (Undergraduate Student)
  • Oscar Vazquez (Undergraduate Student)
  • Joseph Grawburg (Undergraduate Student)
  • Marianne Woods (Nominated by Faculty Senate)
  • ___ (Nominated by Faculty Senate) TBA
  • ___ ( Nominated by Staff Advisory TBA
  • Doug Hildebrand (UTPB Alumnus - Non-Voting Advisor)