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Dear UTPB students:

Welcome to the University of Texas of the Permian Basin! Each year the Office of Student Activities works hard to put together a full schedule of events and activities to help you get involved on the UTPB campus. From the Halloween Carnival to Stress Free Zones to the Battle of the Bands to the Homecoming activities of each spring semester, we make sure that all of our programs offer something for everybody.

Our office is here to help you round out your education. There are over 40 student organizations on campus to help you network with other UTPB students. If you would like to serve as an officer to a student group or if you want to serve as an active member or volunteer, I am sure there is an organization that will suit your interests. If you would like to start an organization, please let us know so that we can help you get the process going.

Organizations like the Student Senate, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), the New Student Orientation Leaders, and the Volunteer Center will help you develop your skills as a leader. Other opportunities will involve a first hand understanding of Roberts Rules of Order and experiences which will enhance your communication and people skills.

As you progress through your higher education, I want to encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that are here for you on our campus and to take ownership of the traditions that are even now being established for future generations.

If you have an idea for any program or initiative please come by to see us in the Student Activities Center. I look forward to your visit.


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