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Two forms of medical assistance are available.

The Medical Service Plan is the result of an agreement between UTPB and Medical Center Health System in Odessa.  Emergency room treatment and ambulance fees are not covered by the Medical Service Plan.  This program is funded through the Medical Service Fee paid at registration.  The medical service plan does not cover online only students or dual credit.

A totally separate program is the optional Student Health Insurance Plan from the University of Texas System. Students will need to pay an additional premium for this health insurance plan, but the insurance plan covers more medical treatments and family members can be added. For specific information on coverage provided, see the display racks located on each floor in the Mesa building.

You probably have heard about the new Health Insurance Marketplaces, formerly called "Exchanges" and the formal federally mandated roll out on October 1, 2013 for coverage to take effect on January 1, 2014.  The student insurance available through UT System meets the ACA requirements and is available to all enrolled students.  Click here to view information on The New Health Care Law and The University of Texas System Student Health Insurance Plan.


Medical Providers: For a printable brochure on Medical Services click here

Medical Services