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Step 1:

Find 10 students who are interested in starting this organization.

You will also need a full-time faculty or staff member as an advisor.

Step 2:

Pick up or download a Student Organization Registration packet. 

Complete it and turn it in to the Office of Student Activities.

Step 3:

Register 4 of your members to attend SOLT.

These 4 members will also need to take & pass the UTPB Risk Management quiz.

Step 4:

Wait for a confirmation email from the Office of Student Activities. 

We will let you know when everything has been completed!

Step 5:

You are now a registered and recognized Student Organization at UTPB!



 Information to Keep in Mind

- All Student Organizations MUST completes Step 1 - 4 each FALL in order continue to be registered and recognized by the University.

- All Student Organizations who become registered/recognized in the FALL semester will need to submit a Student Organization update form by the deadline of each SPRING semester.  Deadlines will be emailed to the current executive board members on file.


All forms can be found on the tab to the left, "Student Organizations Forms".