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Question 1:
What does the Office of Student Activities do?

The Office of Student Activities serves as a support for student extracurricular activities. All student organizations register and request services through the Office of Student Activities. The Director, also serves as an advisor to the Student Senate and Campus Activity Board. New Student Orientation is also coordinated by the Office of Student Activities.

Question 2
What are the benefits of being involved?

  • Research indicates that students who are involved in campus activities are more likely to stay in school, be more successful, and it eases the transition process.
  • Learn a variety of leadership skills.
  • Become acquainted with faculty and staff.
  • Meet other students (support system)
  • Create life-long friendships.
  • Take ownership of the institution and thus become an integral part of its development.

Question 3:
How can I get involved in student activities on campus?

Keep an eye out for posters, flyers, e-mails, Facebook, and Twitter announcing meetings and events. Also, please feel free to stop by the Office of Student Activities!  We can give you advice on ways to get involved.

Question 4:
How are Student Activities funded?

Programs that operate out of the Office of Student Activities are funded by Student Service Fees. Orientation is funded primarily through the New Student Orientation fee.

Question 5:
Where do all my Student Service Fees go?

Student Service Fees support the operation of the following departments/programs:

  • Office of Student Activities
  • Career Center
  • Student Senate
  • The Mesa Journal
  • Campus Activity Board
  • Campus Recreation
  • Financial Literacy & Veterans
  • Mentoring Program
  • PASS
  • Office Counseling Services
  • New Student Recruitment
  • Theatre
  • Sandstorm
  • Student Performance Groups