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UTPB The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

NEW to UTPB Student Veteran Checklist

|Veteran Services ~ Mesa Bldg. #2114 ~ 432-552-2830|
  • Welcome! Get information.Get this checklist, forms, campus maps, FVA Club, and access to FVA lounge

|Admissions Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1221 ~ 432-552-2605|

  • Apply to UTPB either online or submit application. This office will assign you a 10 digit ID.
  • Once accepted submit documentation of immunization against bacterial meningitis if less than 22 years old. (Veterans can get shot free from VA at one of the VA medical facilities. Present DD-214.)
  • Request official transcript(s) from all previous schools, including military schools, to be sent via mail.

      UTPB Admissions Office

      4901 E University Blvd

      Odessa, TX 79762

 |Financial Aid Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1225 ~ 432-552-2620|

  • Apply for financial aid online.Check status in this office. (School OPE ID: 00993000)
  • If using Hazlewood Exemption, applications submitted to Maribel Benitez,


    |Advising Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1150 ~ 432-552-2661|

  • Make an appointment at to talk to an academic advisor and get a DEGREE PLAN! Must be signed by advisor and student.
  • ONLINE ONLY student, contact Rachel Reese,, for a DEGREE PLAN!


|Registrar’s Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1231 ~ 432-552-2635|

  • Apply for GI Bill benefits online at (VONAPP link) OR using the following forms:
  • VA 22-1990 (new student) VA 22-5490 (dependent) applying for 1st time
  • VA 22-1995 (transfer student) VA 22-5495 (dependent) transferring from another college / university
  • Request UTPB VA Student Handbook from UTPB Certifying Official (VCO)
  • UTPB Veterans Affairs Information Sheet & Agreement form, VA-1 &VA-2 Forms (each semester)
  • Copy of signed Degree Plan
  • Copy of Certificate of Eligibility Letter (You receive this after your VA application above is processed.)
  • Copy of DD-214 (veterans) OR form VA 2384 NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility.If you are on the new GI Reservist Bill, go to Education Office at your reserve unit to obtain this form.)
  • ONLINE ONLY student may need to submit documentation of Texas residency papers.


|PASS & Disability Services Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1160 ~ 432-552-2630|

  • If applicable, make arrangements for accommodations and services with Leticia Madrid, need to provide documentation.


|Accounting Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1220 ~ 432-552-2706|

  • Make payment arrangements and get receipt for parking permit.


| Police Information Office ~ Mesa Bldg. #1200 ~ 432-552-2786 |

  • Get UTPB student ID and parking permit. Take copy of license plate and receipt.

|Bookstore ~ Mesa Bldg. #1140 ~ 432-552-0220|