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Welcome to the History Department at UTPB.

We hope this web site will help you find your way through the major, and to get to know us better in general. History is both the mother of the social sciences and one of the oldest of the humanities; either way, it is an attempt to understand and explain the varieties of human experience in its fullness. As such, it provides an excellent background for any career involving people, but especially in teaching, law, diplomacy, journalism, and business. One might ask about history's "usefulness" in a career as one would ask whether one should build a house without a foundation.

The History faculty at UTPB are engaged in a variety of research projects. We offer a range of courses in U.S., Latin America, Europe, and East Asia including new courses in African, African American, and Mexican American history.

Come in, browse, and explore the major; better yet take a course or two, and explore your world.

Dr. Roland Spickerman
History Department Chair
Associate Professor of History
MB 4108
Phone (432) 552-2318