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Studying the Humanities
The Humanities degree is designed for self‐motivated students who desire a broad arts   sciences degree with an interdisciplinary perspective. Instead of a pursuing a traditional major, the Humanities student creates, with the consent of a faculty advisor, an individualized plan of study with an interdisciplinary theme, period, set of problems, specialization, or perspective unavailable through the combining of a traditional major and minor.
Humanities students must select one of three tracks: General Studies emphasis, Visual and Performing Arts emphasis, or Music emphasis. Each track has its own degree requirements, beyond those required of all Humanities students. No minor is required for the Humanities degree. The total credit hours required for a B.A. in Humanities is 120.
Teacher Certification
Students seeking teacher certification must consult with their teacher certification advisor for the appropriate education and humanities courses to take to complete their certification requirements.
To meet Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requirements, students seeking certification to teach grades EC‐6 or 4‐8 must take at least 9 hours of math (may include statistics) at or above college‐level algebra and at least 12 hours of science. They should plan accordingly when meeting general education and elective course requirements. Students seeking certification as a 4‐8 Generalist must take at least 12 hours of math and 14‐16 hours of science.

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