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Students accepted into the professional phase of the program must be aware that in addition to the appropriate university tuition and fees for courses, there are additional expenses to participate in the program. Professional phase students are expected to join the National Athletic Trainer’s Association as student members. This is required for the tracking of entry level athletic training competencies and clinical experience hour logs using the NATA A-track program. Other expenses include initial/renewal of ARC Professional Rescuer CPR/AED, Blood borne Pathogen, and Oxygen Administration Training on a yearly basis. Students also are responsible for any expenses incurred with travel to off-campus Affiliate Clinical Sites in completion of their clinical rotations assigned by the Clinical Practicum Courses. An additional expense for students is fees triggered by the requirement for background checks to be approved for participation at some Affiliate Clinical Sites.

Expense Summary

  • Professional Rescuer CPR/AED, Blood Borne Pathogen, Oxy. Training -  $ 35 (annually)
  • NATA Student Membership - $75 (annually)                                                                    
  • Background Checks- $25-$50
  • Clinical Practicum Travel Expenses- Fuel $100- $200 (per semester)  *estimated
  • TB test- $30-$50
  •  Program uniform clothing- Pants and Shorts ($35-$55 per item), Tee Shirts ($10 per item)