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Strictly adhere to the guidelines and procedures for disposing of BIOHAZARDOUS waste materials. BIOHAZARDOUS waste receptacles and sharp's boxes are located in all the athletic training rooms. Latex gloves are available for use. It is expected that rubber gloves are utilized when evaluating or treating open wounds, which may involve blood or other body fluids.

Disposal Guidelines

Materials contaminated by blood, body fluids, exudates, or other infectious substances are to be disposed in the covered waste receptacles lined with biohazard bags. These waste receptacles are located in each of the athletic training rooms. The following items should be disposed of in the BIOHAZARDOUS waste receptacles: gauze wound dressings, latex gloves or other materials that have been contaminated with body fluids.

Scalpels, blades or other sharp objects contaminated with blood, body fluids, exudates, or other infectious agents should be disposed of in the sharp's box located in each athletic training room. Disposable scalpels are available for use.

Laundry (towels) that have been exposed to blood or body fluids, no matter how minimal, should be placed in a separate laundry bag and taken to the laundry room. Wear latex gloves when carrying this bag. Notify the laundry room attendant about the contaminated towels and instruct that they should be washed separately in HOT WATER.

Notify the staff athletic trainer immediately when the BIOHAZARDOUS bag or sharp's box are full. Appropriate personnel at the physical plant will be notified to pick-up, transport and disposed these materials.