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Our Mission: Literature and Culture

Welcome to Graduate Studies in English at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Below you will find helpful links to forms, brochures, and other information about the Graduate Program. If you have any questions about the Graduate Program, please contact us at You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@utpbgradenglish).

English Graduate Program Objectives

  • To professionally empower students through their active involvement in academic conferences and scholarly publications;
  • To motivate students to increase the knowledge of their field by their own contribution of original work;
  • To enhance students' awareness of the cultural contexts of theoretical and literary works;
  • To provide rhetorical skills in preparation for such professions as teaching, law, publishing, and public relations.

Our English faculty strive to cultivate intellectual growth and to stimulate diverse scholarly interests. They are also committed to offering students the opportunity not only to master current knowledge but to contribute to this knowledge through research and original thinking. Our department is particularly known for its concentration on the burgeoning field of interdisciplinary studies. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in academic conferences and to publish in scholarly journals.

"Why an M.A. in English?" 

An M.A. degree in English from UTPB has several benefits. Graduate Students in the English department not only gain valuable knowledge while preparing for a Ph.D. program, but are also developing the skills to work in 4-year and community colleges. The program also serves high school teachers looking to teach advanced/concurrent courses, and prepares students for careers in publishing, editing, and research as well.

Graduate Program in English

The Goals of the M.A. Program in English are:

1. To train students to work with the materials of literature with scholarly competence and maturity.

2. To provide students with knowledge of major periods, theories, methodologies, movements and genres in  British, American or multicultural literature.

3. To enhance students’ awareness of the theoretical and cultural contexts of literary works.

4. To provide students with rhetorical skills such a argument, analysis, explication and criticism.

5. To prepare students to make original contributions to existing scholarship in the field.

For more, please read our brochure, "Why an M.A. in English." (.pdf)

Earn Your M.A. in English Online!

You can earn your graduate degree in English in as little as two years, online! Please see this page for more details: The sidebar to the left lists current and future online graduate courses offered by the English program. Contact Dr. Todd Richardson (432-552-2292; if you want to learn more about online graduate courses.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Courses (In addition to regular graduate courses)

British Literature: Literature and the Sister Arts; Literature and Mythology

American Literature: Nature Writing; Border Literature & Theory

Rhetoric and Composition: The Politics of Language; Qualitative Research Methods

Literature and Media Studies: Literature and Film in the Posthuman Age; Film and Media Theory

Student LibraryHow to Enter the Graduate English Program

  1. Apply for admission into the Graduate School at UTPB.
    • Take the GRE Exam
  2. Scholarship and Service Options:
  3. Deadlines
    • If applying for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship: March 17, 2015
    • If not applying for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship: July 1, 2015

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The English GTA program at UTPB offers invaluable experience and instruction in the classroom, as well as the benefit of working with seasoned professionals in the field. I cannot imagine a better program for aspiring English scholars. It was a perfect fit for me.

Clark Moreland, M.A.
Class of 2005

M.A. students in the English Department may have the unique opportunity to serve as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). You do not have to serve as a GTA to be a student in the program; however, if you are interested in this opportunity, you must commit to enrolling in 9 hours per semester, and meet certain qualifications. Here are the details:  


  • Earn a stipend
    • 1st year GTAs earn up to $10,000 / academic year, with a $500/semester scholarship available
    • 2nd year GTAs earn up to $12,000 / academic year with a $500/semester scholarship available
    • An out-of-state tuition waiver is available, if applicable
  • Gain valuable experience teaching at a university
  • Develop close working relationships with faculty

Pending budget, students may have a teaching assistantship up to four semesters, including summers. Although the appointment is made for a full academic year, GTAs are subject to evaluation each semester. To be awarded a third semester of assistantship, a GTA must have completed at least 18 hours by the beginning of the third semester.

The English Department selects GTAs on the basis of academic record and experience. Qualified applicants must be accepted into the English graduate program by Fall 2015 on a regular or provisional status. (Please consult the current UTPB Graduate Catalog for admissions criteria.) During their employment, Graduate Teaching Assistants must maintain satisfactory progress toward their degree and a graduate GPA of at least 3.0.

If you are interested in becoming a GTA in the English program, submit a letter of application detailing academic and career achievements and goals, two letters of recommendation, and a writing sample to Professor Todd Richardson, Director of the Graduate English Program, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, 4901 East University Boulevard, Odessa, TX 79762-0001. Students applying for an assistantship also need to take the GRE exam and apply for entrance into the UTPB graduate school. The deadline for applications for Fall 2015 enrollment is March 17, 2015; positions will remain open until filled.

Click here to access the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application.

Graduate Scholarships

In addition to graduate teaching assistantships, scholarships are also available. Students must have the application and original transcripts in the UTPB Admissions Office, as well as GRE/GMAT scores filed with Graduate Studies and Research. Students must also be accepted with regular or provisional status from the very first graduate level course in the program.

Click here to access the Graduate Scholarship Application.


Graduate Catalog

The graduate catalog contains more information about core degree requirements, thesis options, etc.. To read the graduate catalog for English, click here. You may also pick up a copy of the graduate catalog from Graduate Studies.

Links and Documents

Graduate Studies is located at MB 1208. You may contact them at 432.552.2530, or at

Here are some helpful links for graduate students: