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Why an M.A. in Spanish?

To acquire skills in a marketable and predominant Spanish language that will enable students to:

  • Teach Spanish at educational institutions and to conduct scholarly research.
  • Prepare for Ph.D. study;
  • Work in 4-year and community colleges;
  • Develop professional advanced Spanish high school teaching curricula;
  • Enhance graduate-level scholarly research and writing skills.

Preparation for careers in:

  • Spanish Mass Media and Communication
  • National and International Court Interpretation and Translation (English/Spanish)
  • Journalism:  editing, publishing, and advertising
  • Law Enforcement (State and Federal Agencies)
  • Management
  • Research for government and industries

Course Offerings

The Spanish Graduate Program at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin meets our students' needs either for a terminal Master's Degree or for continuation to a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary studies of Spanish literature or linguistics.

Spanish Linguistics

Literary Criticism

Literature of Spain

Literature of Latin America

Contemporary Mexican Literature

Mexican-American Literature

Hispanic Civilization: Mexican or Texas History

Spanish Program Mission

Our mission is to provide students with knowledge of Modern Spanish Language, Linguistics, and Literature:  Latin American and Mexican-American written by canonical and non-canonical writers with special attention to poetry, fiction, and drama. Often with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary study of literature and on the structure and complexity of the Spanish Standard Language.
Through the teaching of Spanish linguistic, diachronical evolution of the language, phonetics, phonology, and sociolinguistics, along with the literary work of the past and present. The department provides students with opportunities  to relate cultural, philosophical,  aesthetic, sociological, and psychological issues of literary works to their own contemporary literary criticism context. In the process, students also learn the importance of respecting other people's perspectives in order to achieve social and global harmony.  


Antonio Moreno, Ph.D - Head of the Spanish Graduate Program

Perla Ábrego, Ph.D

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