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What can you do with a Spanish major?

A Spanish major provides students with language skills that will prove useful in many professional occupations.  With its emphases on research, writing and creative and analytical thought, the Spanish major prepares students for graduate studies in Spanish and most professional schools, including law, business, education, medicine, and for work in professions. Many Spanish majors  combine their studies with other areas to prepare for career opportunities in international business, government, travel or communications:
GOVERNMENT: Diplomat; translator, interpreter, CIA-FBI linguist, Government research specialist; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Bureau of Narcotics; Armed forces; Department of Treasury; all levels of government in areas with large immigrant population.
SOCIAL SERVICE: Law enforcement; welfare; health services; income tax consultant; missionary, minister; nursing; medical research writer; vocational counselor.
EDUCATION: Teacher; translator; editor; textbook author.
SCIENTIFIC FIELDS: Technical writer, translator; researcher; technical liaison for U.S. firms abroad; archaeology; museum work; medicine.
BUSINESS: International law, banking; U.S. representative for foreign company; patent attorney; representative for U.S. firm abroad.
COMMUNICATIONS: Journalism: foreign correspondent, photographer, writer, editor; TV or radio writer, reporter, technician, executive; CNN, network reporter, video crew; editor; translator; advertiser for ethnic, foreign markets; film, entertainment; interpreter; international telephone operator.


General Information

· 120 total hours to graduate
· A minimum of 6 hours at the 2000 level in Spanish courses and 24 hours at 3300 or 4300 level
· Students proficient in Spanish or who have a background in high school Spanish may take the CLEP test and possibly qualify for 3 to 6 credit hours in sophomore-level Spanish language credit 
· SPAN 3301 is a prerequisite to upper-level courses required for the major and minor.
· 18 hours of which 12 hours must be taken at the upper-level. (See Spanish Major/Minor for specific requirements.)