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Welcome to the UTPB Geology Web Site!

The Geology program at UTPB is a small, student-focused program which emphasizes hands-on experience and field-oriented education.

UTPB is characterized by a non-traditional student body, and this is reflected in our geology students as well. Many of our students have full-time jobs, some in geology, some not, and so we offer many night classes to support their schedules.

UTPB's Geology program is uniquely situated to provide excellent opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Not only are we located near some of the most recognized outcrops in the world, but we are located in the heart of the Permian Basin which, for 80 years, has been the center of U. S. Oil and Gas production. This provides students with an opportunity to work on problems in carbonate and clastic reservoirs in producing fields and our students are often employed at local petroleum companies while working on their degrees. We also have opportunities to study Volcanics, Hydrology of Arid Lands, PreCambrian Terrains and Alternative Energy and are close to 3 National Parks. All within easy striking distance of the campus.