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Political Science!

Dr. Craig Emmert, Coordinator of Political Science Program

Welcome! On behalf of the Political Science faculty, I would like to thank you for looking at our Political Science Homepage. Despite the rather forbidding name of our discipline, most students at this university find their Political Science courses to be interesting, even fun. No other discipline reveals as clearly the foibles and follies of human nature. Students' enjoyment of these courses is enhanced by the fact that both our Political Science professors have been honored with the University of Texas Systems Awards for outstanding teaching.

Political Science is an ancient discipline, dating back over two thousand years to the Greek philosopher Plato. Politics can be viewed as the use of authority to achieve a just and humane social order. As such, it is one of the central activities of humanity's quest for a good society. Thus students are assured that while their political science courses will usually be enjoyable, these courses will always be important.