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The purpose of the Political Science program is to provide an in-depth study of American government and politics to give students a basic knowledge of political systems and how institutions of government operate to solve social and political problems. U. T. Permian Basin’s Political Science program is oriented primarily toward the study of American government and politics and secondarily toward comparative government with supporting study in international relations. Students will be encouraged to develop a global perspective which will prepare them to assume leadership roles in shaping the future direction of society.


A wide variety of career opportunities are open to students majoring in political science, including the U. S. Foreign Service, specialized work in foreign countries, the federal government, foundations, private organizations, city management and other types of public administration and public service as well as others less directly related to government. Pre-Law students find the study of political science appropriate preparation for law school. A major in political science is suitable for students planning to teach government or social studies. Graduates in political science earn a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree with a major in political science and a minor in a secondary field of study.