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joannaWelcome to Sociology!

From Dr. Joanna Hadjicostandi

Sociology Program Coordinator




Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site. The Sociology program offers high quality, liberal arts education at the baccalaureate level (the creation of a Sociology MA program is currently under consideration.) Our program is multifaceted and designed to realize the learning potential of students with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, academic preparations and geographical locations. Thus, students can chose to take face to face classes at the UTPB campus or join our on-line completion degree from the comfort of your lifestyle, and from anywhere in the region, nationally or internationally.

The globalized nature of our lives today, in West Texas, the rest of the U.S. or the world makes it especially important to provide a program in which issues of race, ethnicity, gender and social class are seriously taken into consideration. So you will enjoy exciting, informative and demanding discussions in our classes that will prepare you for the life we lead in the 21st century.
Please feel free to contact us with questions, or suggestions.

Joanna Hadjicostandi.