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The BA in Communication is available as an Online Program that can be completed in as little as 12 months.

For more information about our program, please visit our Facebook page at While you are here, however, let us introduce you to the members of our team and the courses we hope to offer for the next few terms:


Dr. Helen Sun
Associate Professor of Communication
Office: MB 4142
Phone: (432) 552-2322
Course Offerings:  Dr. Sun teaches courses such as Communication Law, Modern Media and Society, Propaganda, Public Relations, Telecom Policy and Regulation, Writing for Mass Media, and Intercultural Communication.
Scholarly Interest: Helen Sun¹s scholarly interests include the First Amendment, digital censorship, and communication/telecommunications policy. After her book ³Internet Policy in China: A Field Study of Internet Cafes² was published by Lexington Books-Rowman & Littlefield (2010), as a keynote speaker, she presented her book at Global Intellectual Property Academy invited by United States Patent and Trademark Office. Sun was also interviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education (
Dr. Sun's Official Letter of Invitation to the United States Patent and Trademark Office Global Intellectual Property Academy.

Dr. William Harlow
Associate Professor of Communication
Office:  MB 2218
Phone: (432)552-3353
Course Offerings: Crisis Communication, Public Messages, Rhetoric in Western Thought, Political Communication, Argument and Persuasion, Communication Theory, and related courses. I am a scholar of rhetoric and public address with a strong generalist background in the field.
Scholarly Interest: Dr. Harlow earned a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Texas A&M in 2002. After spending a year at Texas Tech, he went on to work for the U.S. State Department in Mexico City and in Abuja, Nigeria. He also served as the Secretary and Foreign Affairs Officer at the International Boundary and Water Commission (U.S.-Mexico) prior to coming to UTPB in 2008. He has published in book chapters, Public Relations Review, The Encyclopedia of Public Relations, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, Relevant Rhetoric, the American Communication Journal, the Texas Speech Communication Journal, and other outlets.

Dr. Michelle Pence

Area Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: MB 4144
Phone: 432-552-3320
About Dr. Pence: Dr. Pence earned her Ph.D. in Communication with an emphasis on Statistics from Louisiana State University in 2013, where she taught a variety of courses and conducted award-winning research on aggression and violent behavior between intimate partners.  Her research interests also include the biology of communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Attribution Theories.  Dr. Pence has published numerous articles in acclaimed international academic journals, and co-authored book chapters in texts from notable presses, such as Oxford University.  She is also an executive board member for the International Listening Association and currently serves as the Area Coordinator for the Communication program at UTPB.  Dr. Pence is your best point of contact for questions regarding the program.

Dr. Rachel Harlow
Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: MB 4146
Phone: 432-552-3319
About Dr. Harlow: Dr. Harlow earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech in 2005. She is the director of the basic course (COMM 1315) and serves as the Faculty Senate representative for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. Dr. Harlow's research focus is on technical communication in the public sector, as well as on rhetorical theory and methods of study in technical and professional communication. She has extensive teaching experience, both in face-to-face and online formats, and has developed and taught a course in English for journalists for the U.S. Department of State.  In addition, she worked as a writer, editor, and trainer for a technical communication consultancy.

Ryan Loyd, MA
Part-Time Lecturer in Communication
Course Offerings: Academic Debate, Gender Communication, Instructional Communication, Introduction to Communication,and Public Speaking. Mr. Loyd serves an important leadership role in the program by offering a wide variety of online classes, particularly classes serving the needs of our dual credit students.

Dr. Linda Ward
Senior Lecturer in Communication
Course Offerings: Public Speaking, Nonverbal Communication, Group Leadership

UTPB Course Schedules

Degree Information and Sample Degree Plan

Please be aware that we are in the process of updating our degree plans and anticipate announcing changes in Fall 2014. Please consult with your faculty adviser for details.The goal is to help students develop a more narrowly tailored degree- particularly those students interested in communication in business and professional contexts. Of course, students who were at UTPB before the changes who stay continuously enrolled will be welcomed to graduate under either degree plan. We are excited about the opportunity to help you find your own best degree.

We also encourage our students to use Myedu as a tool for planning their schedules and degrees. Please see and register for an account today!