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 art Program



Our Mission in ART is to:

• prepare students to become professional artists and educators, and to develop an attitude that leads to continued study at an advanced or professional level in the field as well as to engage in lifelong learning.

• offer a diversity of cultural and artistic media in the form of exhibitions, lectures, seminars, competitions, and visiting artist that enhance the awareness of and exposure to historical and contemporary art and contemporary concerns in Art education for UTPB students as well as the residents of the Permian Basin.

• provide the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to teach all levels of Art.

• serve non-art majors by offering courses in Studio Art, Art History, and Art Appreciation.

• provide all students with a quality educational experience in the Visual Arts and to serve the Permian Basin as a resource for Arts-related programs.

The Discipline’s Goals in ART are to:
• provide undergraduate students, many of whom are first generation university students, with access to an excellent and personal experience in the arts.

• recruit and retain highly qualified students, to encourage the development of their potential, and to provide a high quality environment that prepares them to become professionals in their fields.

• continue our role as a leader in visual arts education.

The Art discipline of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Degrees in Art: 
Bachelor of Arts 
Bachelor of Arts (Teaching Certificate) 
Bachelor of Fine Arts

UT Permian Basin offers two degrees in the area of Art: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The BA with a major in Art requires either an eighteen credit hour minor or the Teacher Certification component which consists of twenty-four credit hours. The focus of the BFA is a professional degree in Art.

All Art majors are required to meet the visual arts core prior to taking upper-level courses. Students who transfer to UTPB and have not met the core requirements must also complete the core before taking upper-level courses. These core courses prepare students for Junior and Senior level courses and are a necessary foundation for advanced work.