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Completed in December of 1999 with a total interior footage of over 20,000 square feet, the Charles A. Sorber Visual Arts Studios has garnered accolades from everyone who has toured the facility. The Washington Assessment Group, a specially contracted unit by the UT system in 2005 to assess research programs at UTPB acknowledged it was the best art facility they had ever seen.

The main portion of the building houses the printmaking studio, drawing and painting studios, art history lecture room, a full kitchen, faculty and staff offices, and the Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery.

The 3D wing which is separated from the main building across an enclosed courtyard and sculpture garden house the ceramics studio, sculpture studio, ceramic shell room, metal shop, wood shop, and exterior kiln and foundry yard.

Besides the Charlse A. Sorber Visual Arts Studios, there is also a 20 seat MacLab in the Library.

VAS 100 Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery VAS 212 Closet/Silkscreen Darkroom
VAS 100A Gallery Storage VAS 213 Adjunct Office
VAS 200A Office VAS 214 Drawing Studio
VAS 200B Office VAS 216 Storage
VAS 200C Office VAS 300 Ceramics Lab
VAS 200D Office VAS 300A Damp Room
VAS 202 Lecture Room VAS 300B Glaze Room
VAS 203 Kitchen/ Break Room VAS 300C Dry Clay Storage
VAS 204 Media Support Room VAS 301 Sculpture Lab
VAS 209 Faculty Research Lab VAS 301A Ceramic Shell Room
VAS 210 Printmaking Studio VAS 302 Faculty Research Lab
VAS 211 Painting Studio VAS 303 Metal Shop
VAS 211A Prop Room VAS 304 Wood Shop