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When matriculating to UT Permian Basin as Freshmen, students will be assigned an advisor through the Academic Advising Office (Mesa Building). Upon completion of the core courses, and advancement to junior standing, a Faculty member from the Art discipline will be chosen for each student. The Faculty member will advise the student until graduation. Should the student prefer a different Advisor, a formal change must be processed.

Degree Plan

A degree plan is the official document of the University that lists all courses necessary for a student to complete a chosen degree. It shows how all of the courses will be completed in order to earn the degree. Students should file a degree plan when they reach the sophomore level of their chosen major. This document is signed by the student and his/her advisor and is subsequently submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Degree Audit
A degree audit is the official document of the University that lists all courses students have taken or are currently enrolled in to complete a chosen degree. It shows that all of the requirements have been met in order for the degree to be awarded. Students MUST meet with their advisors and file the degree audit the semester prior to anticipated graduation. This document is signed by the advisor, the chair of Visual and Performing Arts, and is sent with accompanying materials to the Registrar’s Office prior to graduation.

Art scholarships have been established through gifts from faculty, alumni and friends of the Art Discipline. Scholarships are also awarded through the annual Freshman/Sophomore Juried Exhibition in the Fall semester and the Junior/Senior Juried Exhibition in the Spring semester. In addition to endowed scholarships, occasional annual scholarships are awarded. 

Applicants for all scholarships in Art must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours and be declared Art majors at UTPB. Additional criteria for each scholarship, application materials and deadlines are available through the office of Financial Aid.