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Tenure and Promotion Policy and Procedure

Merit and Research Release Form (Annual Faculty Update Form)

Faculty and Staff Travel Forms

Depending on the nature of the travel, there are different travel forms. Read the following carefully and be sure to select the correct form based on the purpose of your travel and whether you are faculty or staff.

Faculty Travel for the Purpose of Presenting Scholarship (faculty development travel):

  • Planned Faculty Development Travel. Faculty, you are to use this form to let the Dean know you plan to travel later in the year, and you would like to have the College "bank" your travel money for later use. Your paper may not have been accepted yet, but when you find out that it is, you would like there to be money left in the faculty development account! It is not necessary to use this form. You may bypass it and go to the College of Arts and Sciences Application for Faculty Development Travel if your paper has been accepted.

Faculty and Staff Travel (Including Faculty Development):

  • Travel Authorization Faculty and Staff. Staff, you are to use this form for ANY business related travel. This does not include personal travel, instead a leave of absence form should be completed and approved by your supervisor.

 Faculty, you are to use this form to get approval for the trip from your Dean and start the travel processes (e.g., registration, flight, hotel, etc. arrangements). This might include personal travel whenever that travel means you will miss a class and/or an office hour. It might also be administrative travel or professional travel for which you are not presenting a paper (e.g., to attend your state convention as an officer, to attend a professional development workshop, to attend a UT System or THECB meeting).  Faculty Development Travel funds are reserved for support of faculty who are attending a meeting to present their research/scholarship/creative works

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