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Master of Arts  (M.A.) in Education - Educational Leadership

The MA in Educational Leadership is available as an Online Program that can be completed in as little as 24 months.

Programs of Study           masters degree

 M.A. with Principal certification 

The Master of Arts in Education with a focus in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare advanced candidates for positions of leadership in education.  All courses, with the exception of EDLD 6372 PDAS, are available online.  Advanced candidates participating in this program may become eligible for Principal Certification often required for positions in school administration.  Candidates receive training in instructional and administrative leadership, cultural proficiency, conflict resolution, school law and ethics, fiscal responsibility, organizational theory and other relevant areas appropriate for twenty-first century educational leaders.  Eligible candidates may also pursue Superintendent Certification through this program.  The Educational Leadership program is aligned with the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Principal and Superintendent Competencies, as well as the NCATE/ELCC (Education Leadership Constituent Council) standards.

 In addition to completing the degree, candidates for certification as a Principal must earn a passing score on the Texas Principal certification exam and must have at least two years of creditable classroom teaching experience.  

Principal certification only 

Advanced candidates with a Master’s degree in fields related to education will be required to

complete 21 additional hours in the following areas:

  • EDLD 6361    School Law
  • EDLD 6367    Theories of Educational Leadership
  • EDLD 6368    Principalship
  • EDLD 6370    Instructional Leadership Development*
  • EDLD 6372    Professional Development and Appraisal System*
  • EDLD 6392    Practicum
  • EDLD 6360    School Finance
  • or EDLD 6365  School Public Relations
  • or EDLD 6369  School Human Resources Management

In addition to completing course requirements, candidates for certification as a Principal must earn a passing score on the Texas Principal certification exam and must have at least two years of creditable classroom teaching experience.

Superintendent  certification  only 

Advanced candidates with a Master’s degree and Principal Certification may qualify as candidates to receive Superintendent Certification. All courses are available online. Accepted candidates will need to complete the following:

  • 16 hours of graduate credit in areas of SBEC/ELCC Superintendent and District Level competency.  Superintendent practicum experiences are integrated into all course work.
    • EDLD 6462    District School Finance
    • EDLD 6464    Educational Change and Design of Facilities
    • EDLD 6473    Superintendency and the School Board       
    • EDLD 6475    Education and Sociocultural Change
  • Passing grade on the Texas Superintendent certification exam.


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Educational Leadership Courses


Educational Leadership Course Rotation


Practicum Handbook and Information


TExES Certification Exams 

All advanced candidates should consult with the program coordinator, or assigned Educational Leadership advisor, to develop a degree and/or certification plan representing current SBEC competencies and ELCC standards. Substitutions of courses for the advanced candidate’s Master Degree or Principal Certification plan must follow the proper procedures of a Petition to Graduate Studies, and are subject to approval of the candidate’s advisor and the appropriate Graduate Committee. Continued consultation and advising with the Educational Leadership faculty will ensure successful completion of the Master’s degree and Principal and Superintendent certification. 

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 Jessica Garrett

Jessica Garrett, Ed.D.

Chair Education Leadership and Counseling 

Kevin Badgett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

 Kevin Badgett

William Kritsonsis, Ph.D.


 William Kritsonis