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Business Advisory Council


The Business Advisory Council will contribute to the development and continuous updating of the School’s curricula, faculty, and students. In addition, Council members will serve as a liaison between academia and their respective business or government field(s).


Members of the Business Advisory Council will be successful and respected members of either the business community (profit or nonprofit) or of government. Appointment is by invitation from the Dean of the College of Business and Engineering with approval of the University President.


A formal meeting of the Business Advisory Council will be held on The University of Texas of the Permian Basin campus approximately once per calendar year. Interaction between Council members, faculty, and students between meetings is strongly encouraged.


No term for membership is specified, but the College of Business and Engineering reserves the right to add and delete members as necessary to keep the Council contemporary and productive. In general, a member will be invited to remain on the Council so long as he or she:

  • contributes positively to the purpose of the Council,
  • attends meetings with a reasonable degree of regularity, and
  • desires to remain a member.


There are no dues associated with membership. Meals during Council meetings will be provided at no cost to members, but each member must arrange for his or her own transportation and lodging (if required). Although there are no dues associated with membership, the College of Business and Engineering encourages Council members to make contributions in support of the School’s activities to the School Development Fund, School Scholarship Fund, or School Accreditation Fund.