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Please note: Students pursuing a B.B.A. do not have the option of completing a minor.

The Accountancy Minor gives the non-business student a focused background in accounting to provide skills in financial management, corporate accounting, and tax.  Combined with a Master of Professional Accountancy degree, this minor can contribute to a student's preparation as a CPA candidate and professional accountant.

A minor in Accountancy consists of a total of 18 credit hours.​

Lower Level Courses

 ACCT 2301      Principles of Financial Accounting            3
 ACCT 2303       Principles of Managerial Accounting        3

                                                        Total Required Credits:  6

Upper level Courses

 ACCT 3301       Intermediate Accounting I                         3
 ACCT 3302       Intermediate Accounting II                        3
 ACCT 3303       Cost Accounting Principles                        3
 ACCT 3305       Federal Income Tax                        3
                                                       Total Required Credits: 12