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Students pursuing a B.B.A. do not have the option of completing a minor.

The Business minor gives the non-business student a broad-based background in the field. Non-business students wishing to gain an understanding of commercial ventures or pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree would be well served with this minor .   

ACCT 2301
  Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302
  Principles of Managerial Accounting
ECON 2301
  Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2302
  Principles of Microeconomics
MNGT 3310
  Management Concepts and Organizational Theory
MRKT 3300 
  Principles of Marketing
   At least 3 credit hours of upper level Business courses  approved by the Coordinator of Undergraduate Business  Studies    3
    21 Credits

Students pursuing a Business minor must meet all prerequisites of courses included in the minor. See the course descriptions in the major area to ascertain the prerequisites for each course. At least 50% of semester credit hours of upper level business coursework must be taken at U.T Permian Basin. 

Economics majors pursuing a Business minor must take at least 6 additional credit hours of approved upper division business electives due to overlapping courses between their major and a Business minor. 

Business minors seeking preparation for a MBA degree should choose a management elective (course prefix MNGT) to meet the criteria to waive ACCT 6301, ECON 6301 and MNGT 6360 in the UTPB MBA program, reducing the MBA program requirements from 48 to 39 credit hours. The Graduate Catalog or Coordinator of Graduate Business Studies should be consulted for additional information about preparation for the MBA degree. 

Students who are seeking a teaching field in Business Administration must choose both MNGT 3324 and three FINA 3320 or ECON 3322 and must complete MNGT 2301 and COSC 1335 (BCIS 1305 or 1405). The Certification Officer should be consulted for additional information about preparation for teaching business administration.

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