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Lloyd J. Taylor III. Associate Professor of Management
Office: MB 2222
Phone: (432) 552-2210
Fax: (432) 552-2174

Associate Professor of Management

Lloyd J. Taylor, III, P.E., Ph.D., received his doctorate degree in Quantitative Sciences from the College of Business, Texas Tech University. He has several years of small business experience in the areas of quality control, production, fabrication, and assembly, which he enjoys sharing with his students in the classroom. His teaching interests are in the area of Quantitative Analysis, Statistics, Production/Operations Management, Total Quality Management, and Decision Support Systems. His research interests are in the areas of the Theory of Constraints, Constraint Management, Production Line Capacity, Inventory Management Models, and Computer Simulation. Currently he has several journal articles published in the British Journal of Management, Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Business Process Management Journal, Midwestern State University Faculty Forum, Southwest Oklahoma Economic Review, and the Midwestern Economic Review. Dr. Taylor is also a Registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Jonah.


  • Ph.D. Quantitative Sciences, Texas Tech University
  • M.B.A., Midwestern State University
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University