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The MBA Online Program is a web-based, asynchronous degree program offered by a consortium of eight University of Texas universities through The UT Online Consortium. Courses taken in this program are treated as UTPB courses for credit and computation of GPA. In general, students may take the entire MBA program or any portion of it using MBA Online courses. Students who cannot commute regularly to the UTPB campus because of distance or time constraints are encouraged to consider MBA Online courses. While all UTPB students taking MBA Online courses will follow UTPB admission procedures, registration procedures and tuition and fees may differ. Students should consult the UT Online Consortium website at for current information on the MBA Online program and its courses.

Students applying for the MBA Online program follow the same application process as all graduate business students.  See Admission Requirements.  Upon admission, students will be evaluated for computer literacy and statistical literacy.  Students who need additional skills in these areas are referred to COSC 1335 (computer literacy) and MATH 6301 (statistical literacy) and are classified as having conditional standing until the literacy requirements are fulfilled.

Students should take the following sequenced courses either both in the MBA Online program or both in the on-campus program: the accounting sequence ACCT 6301/6302 (MBAO 6311/6336), the economics sequence of ECON 6301/6302 (MBAO 6316/6335), and the quantitative/production sequence MNGT 6320/MNGT 6303 (MBAO 6314/6334). Note that neither MNGT 6320 nor MNGT 6303 in the UTPB on-campus program has prerequisites, but that MBAO 6314 should be taken before MBAO 6334 in the MBA Online program. In addition, only MBA Online option students will take the MBA Online capstone course MBAO 6395 Business Policy.

Use the MBAO Course Offerings Chart to match the MBA Online Offerings with the UTPB MBA program. MBA Online course offerings through other University of Texas components are listed at the end of the graduate business course descriptions.  For course descriptions, click here.